EGBKA's Committee and Other Members

Janice Fearn - Chairman

I have been keeping bees since 2017, and now have 6 hives at the bottom of my garden, including a newly acquired WBC.

I have been Secretary for 3 years, prior to taking over as Chairman in 2021.

When not beekeeping, I can be found swimming, running and cycling.

In my work life, I am known as the beekeeping bookkeeper.

Beekeeping bookkeeper
Inspection underway at my apiary

Karen McCulloch - Treasurer

As a qualified accountant I am well suited to the role of Treasurer and keep tight control over our finances. I have been keeping bees for over 10 years and managed not to be deterred by the complete lack of honey in my first two years - this was down to the unusually poor weather conditions rather than any fault of the bees or my husbandry! I currently have 3 colonies in Hammerwood – one of which was a swarm from a colony of wild bees (you can see them on the right, as they make a much better subject for a photo than me!)

Karen's bees 2

Kevin Fearn - Secretary & Website &

Kevin joined along with Janice in 2017, and is "her little helper" around the Garden Wood Apiary.

By day, Kevin is a Retail I.T. Consultant.

Ready to learn
At the beekeeping course - ready to learn!

Alastair Lee - Apiary Manager

I started keeping bees when I found some empty hives on a farm where I had moved into one of the old farm worker's cottages. My father had kept bees until he left home for his national service so it was always a story in the family. When I started, Varroa was still regularly treated with arachnicides, but they mites were quickly becoming resistant so more integrated approaches were needed.

Thanks to the Association I was able to learn from some very experienced beekeepers and move from the basics to trying out new approaches myself, some with more success than others. I've recently moved house (February 2021) and my new garden is too small for bees, so I was glad to be able to keep my bees at the apiary; and as I was going to be there anyway I thought I might as well help out as Apiary Manager.


Oliver St.John - Education Manager

I started beekeeping in 2010 after stumbling upon and buying a Thorne's starter kit on eBay. Since then I have passed my Basic Assessment and Honeybee Health Certificate and have also passed various BBKA Exam Modules. I’m the Beekeeping Tutor at Plumpton College and am always keen to improve my knowledge by attending interesting courses such as bee behaviour, candle making, queen rearing, botany and microscopy.

My first frame
My first frame - 2010

As beekeepers I think we often need to be a jack-of-all trades and we are forever learning from others and from our own experience. Certainly I dabble in woodwork, meteorology, wax chandlery, chemistry, bee husbandry and teaching. I joined EGBKA as the Education Coordinator and aiding and abetting our members to improve their skills and passing some qualifications.

Vacant - Swarm Coordinator


Vacant - Events Manager


Oliver Sinclair

Ex-Chairman 2014-2020

I live in Blackham and keep bees in a field at the bottom of my garden. I am passionate about the environment and the Great British countryside - my enthusiasm for beekeeping is closely rivalled by my love of gardening. My interest in beekeeping goes back to my childhood in Felbridge, when I became fascinated by the escapades of my neighbour who kept bees in some beautiful white WBC hives within his orchard.


Heather Wigmore

Ex-Secretary & active helper

I have been a member since 2011 and had my first colony the following spring from a swarm . My husband David bought me a hive for my birthday, it’s a present that keeps on growing! David has also got involved with the beekeeping, so it is nice to have an interest together. I find that beekeeping compliments my love of gardening very well. I try to plant as many flowers that attract the bees.

Heather pic

I became more involved with the East Grinstead Beekeepers Association when I took on the role of Secretary from 2013 - 2016 which was a fantastic way of getting to know members of the Association. I enjoy meeting people with the same interests and have learnt so much more by being hands on.

I am now retired and thought I would have more time but like so many retired people I am not sure how I had time to go to work! I guess that you always find the time to do the things that you really like doing and gardening and beekeeping certainly ticks the box.

Simon Redgrove

I live in West Hoathly and have three hives, two of which started with swarms and all of them have different species in them.

SR Photo

These are just a few of our current and past members, we always need people to get involved with the Committee and help the Association. If you can help in anyway (even if its just moral support) please contact the Secretary.

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