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We have had a wild beehive in our wall for many years. This year the colony were very aggressive, chasing us out the garden on numerous occasions. Eventually this resulted in a bee stinging my husband (who is allergic to bees). He reacted quite badly but thankfully was ok.

We were put in touch with William Wright and he was just amazing. He came straight away to check where the hive was and if he could help. Then as soon as the weather permitted, he returned with hoover in hand and removed the hive entirely. It was quite a job as he had to remove the wall tiles and battens. Which he did very carefully so we could use them to patch up the hole afterwards.

It was quite something to watch as the bees were the most aggressive he had encountered. We are so grateful as we are now able to enjoy our garden again with our little 8-week-old baby without having to have harmed the bees. We cannot thank him enough.

All our gratitude
Holly, Robin and baby Lilah

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