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At our apiary we teach our members, learn from each other and run taster days that are open to the public, so the local community can get an insight into the fascinating world of the honeybee and the ancient craft of beekeeping.

New beekeepers or those without enough space to keep bees can rent a plot for a nominal fee and benefit from the help and support of more experienced beekeepers.

Thanks to the generosity of a local organisation EGBKA now has a new apiary site in Turners Hill. In time, we will further develop the site and plant up with bee friendly plants and fruit trees. If any local businesses would like to help with the provision of materials or bee-friendly plants and / or fruit trees, than any such offers would be grateful received. Please contact Janice Fearn (07739551566) for further details.

New apiary site

In the longer term we would like to buy a small plot (under half an acre) so we have a permanent home. If you or anyone you know has any suitable land please contact Janice Fearn (07739551566).

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