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The first thing to do when you decide that you want to keep bees is to join East Grinstead Beekeepers Association - click for membership form. This will have many benefits, including help and advice on starting up and also giving you the chance to handle bees before you spend any money. Members also receive a discount on our annual beginners course - which will provide the basic theory to help you start out in beekeeping, some initial practical skills and a chance to handle bees in the company of experienced beekeepers.

For the new beekeeper, the help and advice given can be invaluable. You should learn how to handle bees before you take the plunge as you may find that you don't like handling bees. A really full and busy hive at the height of the season can be very daunting at first. East Grinstead Beekeepers can help you with this at either an apiary meeting or at one of our member's own apiaries.

Most beekeeping groups, including ourselves, are affiliated to the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) and this provides benefits like insurance which can be useful. Also, reference BeeBase.

Be careful not to get too carried away by spending lots of money as a lot of the things in the beekeeping catalogues are not essential, especially for the new beekeeper - see our Equipment page.


Membership of our division has many benefits, whether you are new to beekeeping or an experienced beekeeper. These include:

Group inspection

More importantly than this however, can be that you will get to meet lots of other local, friendly beekeepers who you can discuss with, and can receive help from when needed. We also have a great social aspect to our club where you can socialise with other like minded people to discuss not only beekeeping but other similar areas of interest.

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